Intimate Skincare

Presents Feminine Wellness and Happiness
with Natural Ingredients for Better Life


Founder’s love towards his wife became a trigger
to develop this unique tablet-type feminine wash with
bio-organic chemistry specialist for 3 years.
Starting from his wife to all women who suffers from a
symptom of vaginal infection, hope to find them a real happiness
which comes from a comfort and confident.



JilGyungYi believes that True Beauty comes from a Happiness
when women feel Comfort and Confidence.

For All Women’s Wellness, JilGyungYi manufactures itself to
present the Best Quality.

JilGyungYi Promise

Use Natural Ingredients as much as possible
Always Study and Try Best for Most Effective Product
No Paraben, No Artificial Flavoring, No Surfactant

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Every Day, JilGyungYi – Another Routine on your life.

Intimate Wash should be one of your daily routine hygiene product.
Vagina is the most sensitive body parts and should not feel shame or hide for using it.

JilGyungYi is continuously leading a campaign to change the awareness of intimate wash.



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40 Imi-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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